About Us

We're on a mission

Making measurable health improvement personal, simple, and enjoyable.

Health Results is a preventative healthcare organisation dedicated to the health and happiness of people across the UK. Our focus is on improving metabolic health and supporting what matters most to people. Poor metabolic health is a measurable problem affecting much of the population. It is associated with poor wellbeing and many modern preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and some cancers.

Our services include online health improvement programmes, supported by doctors, nurses, health coaches, and psychologists. For organisations, we provide a full health improvement service.

We believe reliable health information should be available to everyone. In addition to our healthcare services we provide awareness raising, education, and resources to support the health of the UK population.

Our 5 core beliefs

To guide our work Health Results has five core beliefs. We believe everyone should have access to:


Reliable health infomation


Purposeful metabolic health testing


Health coaching focused on individual needs


High quality preventative clinical healthcare


Supportive communities

Our leadership

A diverse team with a mission to improve the health of millions in the UK.

  • Photograph of Dr Campbell Murdoch

    Dr Campbell Murdoch

    Co-Founder & Medical Director

  • Photograph of Steve Bennett

    Steve Bennett


  • Photograph of Gayle Gerry

    Gayle Gerry

    Director of Nursing

  • Photograph of Tessa Barnard

    Tessa Barnard

    Lead Nurse

  • Photograph of Matthew Gibbons

    Matthew Gibbons

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Photograph of Dr Jen Unwin

    Dr Jen Unwin

    Director of Psychology

  • Photograph of David Hoyle

    David Hoyle

    Head of Coaching

  • Photograph of Theo Johnson

    Theo Johnson

    Head of Design

  • Photograph of James Cracknell OBE

    James Cracknell OBE

    Head of Population Health

  • Photograph of Heidi Giaever

    Heidi Giaever

    Lead Nutrition Consultant

Clinical and Health Advisory Panel

  • Photograph of Dr David Unwin

    Dr David Unwin

    General Practitioner

  • Photograph of Dr David Cavan

    Dr David Cavan

    Consultant Endocrinologist

  • Photograph of Dr Ruth Tapsell

    Dr Ruth Tapsell

    General Practitioner

  • Photograph of Rebecca Murdoch

    Rebecca Murdoch


  • Photograph of Sam Feltham

    Sam Feltham


  • Photograph of Dr Kesar Sadhra

    Dr Kesar Sadhra

    General Practitioner

  • Photograph of Dr Ian Lake

    Dr Ian Lake

    General Practitioner

  • Photograph of Dr Ravivarma Balasubramaniam

    Dr Ravivarma Balasubramaniam

    Consultant Radiologist