Health for Organisations

Supporting everyone’s health

Health checks, training, and health improvement programmes.

Health improvement services for organisations, focused on individuals.

Designed and delivered by healthcare professionals. Look after physical health, improve wellbeing, and achieve your goals.


  • Feel better, more energy, more engaged
  • Reduced sickness
  • Better sleep and reduced stress
  • Improved inner (metabolic) health
  • Lower infection risk
  • Weight and waist loss, if desired
  • Prevent and reverse modern diseases, including type 2 diabetes

"Health Results ran a brilliant session for my team at the Royal College of General Practitioners. The 15-minute health assessment followed by a fantastic workshop which provided insights into physical and mental health and wellbeing in a straightforward and hugely impactful way, was really well received by us all. There is no doubt that we will be making changes to our lifestyles as a result!"

Lisa Anastasiou
Assistant Director of HR
Royal College of General Practitioners

Tailored to the needs of your organisation, with a focus on achieving measurable health improvement.

  • Nurse-led confidential physical health checks,
  • Personalised health planning
  • Delivered in the workplace
  • Doctor-led health training and webinars
  • Health improvement resources and online programmes
  • Anonymised organisation-level health reporting

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