Health Results Clinical

Focused on you

Online consultations for registered patients, to support the Health Results programmes

For registered patients

  • Online preventative healthcare consultation service, to support the Health Results programmes.
  • Register as a patient and book consultations from within your Health Results programme.

Healthcare team


  • Health Results Doctors are GPs with a special interest in preventative healthcare and metabolic health. Book a consultation with a GP for diagnosis, managing symptoms, problem solving, managing health conditions, personalised advice, dealing with the unexpected, and recommendation on adapting medication for specific lifestyle choices.


  • Health Results Nurses provide individualised advice and support for type 2 diabetes reversal, prediabetes, and weight management. Book a consultation with a nurse if you need personalised advice on the actions you need to take to achieve health improvement.

Health Coach

  • Health Coaches provide you with support, accountability, and a check-in. Book a consultation with a health coach to support your decision making and taking action. Health coaches also work with the doctors and nurses to help you to implement the advice the clinical team provide.


  • Health Results Psychologists provide support for food addiction, stress, anxiety, and mood problems. Book a consultation with a psychologist to discuss how to manage these conditions to support your metabolic health.